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Spread the joy of learning

Conduct joyful hands-on science workshops for school kids

Our Mission

Organize volunteer visits to remote parts of India for science popularization and knowledge exchange
Build a network of people and grassroot organizations to strengthen this "Knowledge Bridge"

About Gyan-Setu

“Gyan-Setu” is a program conducted by volunteers in remote parts of India. This year-long program, organized by Educational Activity Research Center (EARC) - Jnana Prabodhini - Pune, consists of visits by teams of volunteers to conduct joyful science-based workshops and camps for middle school students.

Our Reach

Connected with
School Children


Located in
States & UT

Through efforts of 


Would you like to connect with the remote communities of India, and the kids there, through knowledge exchange?

How it works

Join Us

We invite you to take a step ahead to help build this knowledge exchange bridge!

The mission of spreading the joy of education in its real sense is achieved through a small science-based model along with games and stories. By visiting we contributed a brick to the "Bridge of Knowledge". So be a part of this journey with Gyan-Setu and explore unexplored India and it's lovely people...!


Travel, experiences, and learning are implications of each other. Whenever you get one, another comes along with it and this is what I received from my three Gyan-Setu visits. My journeys to Sikkim, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have taught me many life lessons and introduced me to the art of living...!

Nikita Sarode
(Sikkim-2017, Assam-2018,

When we went to Jammu, we only took a few science experiments with us. But when we came back, we brought a lot of life lessons, friendships, memories with the loving people there. And for this, I and our entire team are very thankful to Gyan-Setu and Jnana Prabodhini...!


What our volunteers say

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